How to have a strong battery: five things you do, that kill your battery life.

Technology has improved very well on everything, except on the battery aspect.
Many people are blaming the company for not producing good batteries, but some don't know that they tend to be the fault of their weak battery life.
Today on this post, am going to be showing you the top five reasons why your phone battery is always weak, and how to revive the battery life.

Never use when charging.

Your battery life might end up weak if your always using it when charging.
The power that is use in charging the phone, is immediately used when operating, this makes the battery power unstable, and weak.


Always charge your device fully, before using it.

•Too much screen brightness.

Haven't you noticed that Brightening up your phone screen, can consume your battery life?
When the screen is being brightened up, the battery uses enough energy to show of the screen light. And this can lead to weak battery life.


Always reduce your screen light.

•First charge, always advisable.

You all know that charging your phone battery full when it is just been bought is always necessary,
The battery is and acid, and it really needs to be fully charged before first use,
So many people don't charge their battery when their new device is just being bought and it leads to weak battery cell.


Always charge your newly bought device before first use.

•Data consumes data more than you expect.

Data is always roaming when it is being switch on, when trying to stream videos and browse online, the mobile data uses a lot of energy to give you the best quality that you have ever wanted.

Always switch of your data when not in use.

Using weak chargers.

Your phone battery life, depends on the charger.
Using a poor charger to charge your battery won't do you any good, rather will weaken the acid in the battery.
Haven't you noticed that each time you charge your phone with a good charger, the battery last longer than using some other chargers?


Always use good charger to charge your device. 

Note: charging your phone multiple times daily, must destroy your battery life, so always try to charge your phone once daily.

•Pleas if you have any question, or any other method of increasing a mobile battery life,  don't hesitate to leave it on the comment box.


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