Get free data on all network, when you download this free app.

Is still surprising when I hear that so many people haven't heard of dent app.

Some have heard of it, but think is another scam.

Well I can assure you that dent app, is 100% real.
I have been earning some cool data from the app.

This days, instead of me to waste money buying data, I rather use it to flex with my babe  and have free data from the app.

Lol just trying to be funny tho.
Now let's get into business.

What is Dent app?
Dent app is a block chain app that allows it users to market, share or sell their data online.

This app is worth about $4.5 billion data monthly,
and was found in February 2014 by Dent wireless Ltd, based in hong Kong.

How to have data with the app.

The app which is easy and simple to use,
Gives you dents when you sign up and refer your friends to download the app, the dents that will be given to you, will be converted to data.

Am going to drop a link bellow, if you use the link to download the app, you will be given 2,500 dents, which can purchase you about 6 GB data, depending on the exchange rate.

That's the link.

Note: if you download the app on play store, without using the link I dropped above, you will be given only 500 Dent's. But if you use the link I dropped, you will be given 2,500 dents. Am sure u don't want to miss the bigger one.

Here is a prove of last data I received from them.

What are you still waiting for?
Why not Be in a hurry to download the app.

After having your first data, let me know on the comment box so that i will show you the latest cheat on how to get unlimited Dent's.

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